Hey there! I'm Ashiana

I believe in living the souls highest purpose, and would love to inspire & assist you. We incarnated for a reason at this time.   

 Are you ready to open to more than you ever imagined possible? Then you're in the right place

From lightwork to tantra, working with the star councils and divine guides, temples, deserts and powerspots, retreats, ascension mentorships and 1:1 online and in person sessions for your unique starseed codes. 

Live the life of your dreams. Welcome to the mystery and mastery school.  


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Lightworkers from the Stars. Sword of Light. 

This evolutionary course has been channelled by the starbeings, guides & councils over the last years to break through the subconscious programming, operating systems and bring the new codes we all need for the world. 

Be a part of the change makers the first to receive these codes. 

Epic new Online course, is coded and coming soon. 

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Hathor  Star Tantra Mystery School. 

Dive into these profound sacred teachings to remember your sensual soul and awaken the light within. 

Wisdom teachings, meditations and activations to release the distortions and open the bliss realms. 

Never before shared codes, practices and ancient remembrance for you.  

Online course, over 4 modules and 100 videos of meditations, invitations, initiations, wisdom teachings and chanellings from the hathors & Ashiana Love. 

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Earth Angels Awakening Group Ascension Mentorship.  

Working with the guides, Egyptian neters, star beings in a powerful container online, all over the world.

Limited places, secure your spot now. 


I am ready to be in my highest purpose. Let's do this.

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There are some special offers for the first few people that sign up to pre-purchase courses, ascension mentorship and coaching packages. There are also some special magic bundles. You not only get these courses, you get to be in the behind the scenes creation group and get a whole lot more. 

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It's Your time to Shine.  

Lightworkers, starseeds, ancient ones it's time to rise. We came from the stars for a reason, right now here on Earth. Recieve activations, tools, codes and upgrades from the Councils of light and let go of old contracts and operating systems that you no longer need. The world needs YOU. (Online course)

Divine Sensuality 

Awaken your authentic power and personal and planetary light in the mystery school of the most integral force in humanity. Activate your light body and superconsciousness as you make love. Channelings from the Hathors and the divine councils. Be the first to get these transmissions. (Online course). 

1:1 Coaching

Limitted spots open to the right souls for personal coaching over 6 wks to 6 months. As you open to the upgrades from the temples and power spots in Egypt and across the planet.  You also get online courses, & Group Ascension Mentorship in Earth Angels Awakening. It's time to fully embody your star lineage and do what you came for. 

4 month group Ascension Mentorship. 

Earth Angels Awakening. Journey online through the initiations, learn diamond light tools, teachings from the starbeings and neters. Online private group and fortnightly zoom calls. Upgrades and energetic tools for personal and planetary activations. Next group starts June 2023. 

Wings of Maat Tour 

Join virtually or in person, when we do temple tours. Where we make prayers personally and planetary. Invoking the neters and the divine balance energy of Maat, over many power places in Egypt. Come explore with us. You will be included initiations, ceremonies, rituals and wisdom teachings. 

Hey there! I'm Ashiana

Ready to start really living your best life? To open to more than you ever imagined possible. Then you're in the right place. 

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1:1 Starseed & Soul Embodiment Coaching 

6 week Accelerated Coaching, or 6 month Star Lineage Soul Embodiment and private retreat/ activations in a sacred power spot. 

Open to the aligned souls, we go deep and quickly. 

If you are ready, Apply now.  There are only a few spots per year for this exclusive high level service. 

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