"I went into our session with really no idea what to expect. I just knew we had connected for a divine reason and was trusting that. I would have never expected I would experience the kind of transformation I did. I was able to release so much. Traumas that had been holding me down for years. Traumas I had been identified with for so long. I was suddenly able to look at them from a new, empowered and detached perspective. Immediately I could feel things shifting inside of me. A week later, I didn’t even recognise myself. I have seen many different healers, but I have never experienced such deep and powerful transformation as I have after working with Ashiana. I was in the process of healing a history of abusive relationships and unhealthy intimacy patterns. Within the first week of our session. I had attracted two different lovers that had done their own healing work and were able to hold space for me as the Divine Masculine beings. This to me was a sure sign major shifts had taken place. I’ve felt so juicy, sensual, and vibrant. Lighter, as thought I have released heavy baggage. Where before I felt that I was struggling to catch my breath as the waves of life crashed over me, now I feel I am riding these waves smoothly. My head is much more clear, I am embodied. I feel as though I have a clean slate. No longer tied to many of the limited belief systems that have held me back for so long. Ashiana is a powerful potent healer who will create a space for you to feel deeply safe and held. She is truly a gift to the world"

Larkin Swain
Salt Lake City, Utah.

"Ashiana taps in quickly and goes right to your heart. She is highly intuitive and deeply connected with Divine Intelligence. Sessions with Ashiana cover your innermost desires, fears and direct you to real healing that journeys from the person you were, who you are now and who you are becoming. I highly recommend you invest in yourself through Ashiana's offerings."

Jocelyn Gordon
Conscious Conception Coach & Creatress of HoopYogini™ and Bhakti Boogie Yoga www.HoopYogini.com & www.JocelynGordon.com . Florida, USA

"Ashiana’s sessions bring through an entire new layer of awareness. I always leave amazed, expansive, and filled with new access to love and freedom. I don’t know how she does it, but it’s deep and instantly transformative. "

Yoga Teacher, California, USA.

"Omg that session I received from you Ashiana was EPIC! I have felt so much lighter since! In fact I visited my best friend last night and one of the first things she said to me was “you seem lighter” 🙌🏽😇 Ashiana you are a magic worker, thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!! 🌿🌹"

Paula B
TR▲NSFORM▲TION▲L ⓢⓤⓒⓒⓔⓢⓢ ⓒⓞⓐⓒⓗ Cᴇʀᴛɪғɪᴇᴅ Mᴇᴛᴀ Dʏɴᴀᴍɪᴄs™ Pʀᴀᴄᴛɪᴛɪᴏɴᴇʀ ᴀɴᴅ NLP Tʀᴀɪɴᴇᴅ. Sydney, Australia.

"Working with Ashiana has been nothing short of incredible and deeply moving. She was able to help me move through past traumas and create a new sense of openness to the infinite potential of each human being. I am so much more deeply connected to my higher self, lighter and so open to my true life purpose. "

Vlado Milanovic
Certified Nutritional Practitioner and Account Manager for Advanced Orthomolecular Research (AOR). Vancouver, Canada.

If you need any assistance to uplevel in life.

Sessions are one thing, 6 month coaching takes it to a whole new level. This is the most amazing Coaching experience ever. Ashiana has been in Egypt for the last year working with the starbeings and divine councils of light. .

Tell me more about what can happen in private sessions, space holdings and workshops

"True miracle. I have had life alignment sessions, hypnosis sessions, Psychological medical help with my psychologist but this one was different, it was like a surgical operation where the job is done. Ashiana made me feel easy inside outside, she made me feel safe, which allowed me to go deep, connect lots of dots that I have never noticed or considered as related to each other, lots of ancestral and childhood work she has done, going back and forth with me, she navigated a lot of aspects within, and she did her magic with it. She really knows how to hold space for masculine and feminine energy, and knows what men pass/passed through their lifetime, difficulties and struggles they face/faced. I felt strong existence of spirits working with her, it was like a surgical team and Ashiana was the surgeon. I am glad our life paths have crossed and am sure every time She is in Egypt I will be longing for having a miraculous magical session with her again and again. Thank you Ashiana for such gifts you are holding for the whole world, and thanks for being generous courageous of showing your light to everyone with pride and confidence 🙏 "

Al Maligy
Cairo/ Alexandria, Egypt. Musician.

It's time to fully be your best self and all you are here to be.

You got this. Let's go deep to get the bliss.

People all around the world are rising in their highest✨ You can be one of them.

Let this be the moment you did it. When you open your heart and clear the subconscious everything aligns. Every-one needs a bit of help stepping into their best self.

"In my healing session with Ashiana, there was not a single core wound left uncovered. She has the ability of tuning in to your frequency, with the eyes of divine love and softness, and seeing the hard rocks that need unearthing. Sometimes they are boulders, sometimes they are pebbles, and Ashiana the healer has a unique ability of unearthing the blockages with tenderness, insight, and grace - and lifting each stone as it asks to be lifted. Sometimes all at once, sometimes in soft delicacy. Come to her if you need help healing: sacred sexuality, mother/father wounds, cutting chords of past loves, illumination in the present, ancestral re-remembrance, and come to her if ever you wish simply to feel the loving hug of an Atlantian mermaid."

Dima Issa
Cairo, Egypt. Teacher.

"Working with Ashiana has been both a dream and foundational element to my journey. In three sessions, we covered a wide and deep extent of material that transformed my physical body, my vision, and my clarity. I felt deep energetic shifts that cleared my bodies and opened space for me to feel lighter, and experience life with more ease. After one session with her, I felt held in warm love, open and free to be me. After the second session, my vision opened to new levels and I began integrating large soul fragments back into my wholeness. After the third session, I had dreams, manifestations, and intentions in place. Ashiana helped me design and set up my dream life, and I felt the shifts immediately. Working with Ashiana is always interesting. There's deep transformation to undergo, new beauty to invite, and a sense of ease and groundedness throughout. I was wary of my path as a healer, and she has helped me really step into my fullness and welcome all my potential. I am mentoring with Ashiana for three more months, and I am very grateful to be in relation with such a humble host of codes, powerfully navigating where our souls are guided. I recommend Ashiana for healing, empowerment, mission development, DNA activations, honing spiritual gifts, and learning to deepen containers of love, of all kinds.""

Anna Naia
Hawaii, USA, Healer, Singer.

"I am so excited to be able to assist people in finding their purpose, passion and highest alignment. The Star Councils have been working with me for many years, and guided me with so many practices, techniques and evolutionary ways to assist. They told me these practices would bring a new paradigm to the planet. I only have a few spots for private Coaching, I would be honoured to assist you in your highest Destiny calling. Star Lineage Soul Embodiment 6 month journey is next level. "

Ashiana Love
Founder of Inner Temple Arts, Ecstatic Life, Star Tantra, Lightwarriors from the Stars, Light a Flame of Love, Co-creator of The Destiny Keys.

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"Thankyou so much Ashiana. The "Hathor Bliss Creation course" is so rich, I will go back to the library again and again. There is so much there. Its been a powerful journey. "

Annika Kappner
Artist, Amsterdam

"The Earth Angels Awakening Mystery School is beyond. it always brings me back to my highest. Thank you for these Ascension teachings, and the powerful ceremonies. Working with the starbeings and Egyptian deities is super powerful. "

Alanni, Midgley
Photographer, Videographer, Graphic Web Designer, Australia

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