You are here! You are ready for the quantum shifts and upgrades


Working with full power beings on the planet. Because there is no time to wait to come into your best self in your unique potential or in love. 

Ashiana has been known as one of the ones that heals healers, teaches teachers, and leads leaders. A visionary and a guide from the future. 



There is only 1 spot open for 💫 Star Lineage Soul Embodiment 6 month coaching. Also open to 1 ✨ Starseed Coaching Accelerator client. Potentially Radical upgrade session available, depending on travel, tours and other big work. Talk to Ashiana before booking in for personal exotic retreats to see travel, place and dates availability, there are only a few of these booked in each year.

YES you are ready to shift your life.

If you are interested in a package and want to know more. Book in a half hour FREE activation call. Only a few spaces open on sessions and packages, so get in now. ✨ See how we can work together.

"Most people say that just one session with Ashiana is like 20 years of therapy. It is! and so much more. She gets to the core of where you are at, and everything changes. Life is too short to wait. Working over time is allowing deep profound changes in my life. "

Jane Templestone

Create your Dream Life. Fulfill your divine purpose.

You can work with Ashiana from anywhere. Private Coaching sessions are on zoom. Make the most of the time she is in the powerful portal of Egypt.


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