Ashiana Love 

Facilitator, coach, guide, ceremony activator, visionary, priestess, dakini, tantrika.

With an epic toolkit of embodiment and decades and lifetimes of service. Ashiana offers a lot in personal sessions and groups holding space in ceremony, events, workshops & retreats. 

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You're on the planetary lightworker team.  In service to humanity,  this Earth and the evolution of the universe.  The world needs you NOW in your fullest expression of life. 

Ashiana is a visionary, chanel, seer, healer, priestess, activator with a kick ass toolkit of multidimensional spiritual and physical teachings, practices for you. 

It is a pleasure to work with those that are ready.  

Ashiana has been called "a healer of healers, a teacher of teachers, a leader of leaders". 

Here to work with advanced souls and evolutionaries.  

What do Sessions Involve.

Unique to you and what you need.

Sessions are always different depending on the person, the time, the desires and needs of the soul.  Sessions are energy based and can be done across the world on zoom, or in person. 

You may wish to improve your relationship, open to new ways of being, let go of things that have been holding you or your family back for lifetimes. 

Ashiana sees and holds space for powerful changes that most don't even know are there. 

You may wish to work on love, relationships, work, deep hidden patterns, beliefs that create your reality, releasing energy and emotions, clearing spirits, changing how you feel about experiences and creating the dream life.  Emotional pain and patterns that have been hidden and causing you frustration for aeons can be cleared in a second. We work vibrationally and also set up some powerful practices for you to use in daily life.  

Ashiana is trained in Theta Healing, Advanced DNA, Intuitive Anatomy, Cultural Bodywork, Psychology, Integrated Ascension Modalities, Kundalini Dance, The Destiny Keys, Healers of the First Light and so much more.  She has been doing personal sessions and teaching workshops for over 20 years. Walking with the masters, gurus and many cultures of learning and training. 

Sessions are usually energetic where we go straight into what is there for you with your unique intention. We can cover this life,  past life, ancestral, ancient or karmic imprints, beliefs, vows, energies and subconscious patterns that you may have been aware or unaware of.  Connecting you to power and purpose beyond the patterns, pain and trauma that may have been affecting you, letting go of things you may not have even been aware were there.   You will leave feeing lighter and more in tune with what will create the life you truly desire.  

People often come to Ashiana when they are in life transitions, ready to transform patterns, beliefs and really shift in life.  With the multidimensional access to your reality it is easy to see and shift things that may have been causing you pain for lifetimes.  This is more than just a normal session, and in that we can also work with stress, depression, anxiety, and many afflictions of the modern world.  Transformations are instant when you are really ready. 

We work with your energy and intention to go deep and change the things on the DNA. Moving beyond the ego and the paradigms of protection that you may have held since childhood.  We traverse multi-dimensions.  

Ashiana is a psychic, a seer, a visionary and an alchemist with so many tools that can work for you in your life, love, personal and professional.   

Many have said that Ashiana is a "healer of healers, a teacher of teachers, a leader of leaders".  

Here to serve and work with those that are here to create big changes  in their lives and in the world. 

Ashiana holds the keys to many openings from emotional, sexual, sensual, professional and your general wellbeing and your highest potential.    She has an ability to see through the veils to the layers of your spirit and soul. 

Clients have said that one session with Ashiana is equal to 20 years of therapy.   So save yourself the time and money and book in now for profound changes.   You can't afford to keep going around these old loops. It's time to break the cycles and live in the changes. 

You are ready to expand beyond your previous horizons, live your dreams and destiny, without holding back.    

"Ashiana has changed my life and opened doors to things that have been there for thousands of years. "

Sara White

Because your soul has called you here for a reason and a higher purpose. This is the quantum shift you have been calling in. No session is ever the same. It is unique for your evolution.

What are Sessions about?

Raw video, a little taste.


Personal Sessions all over the world.

What do clients usually come to see me for with successful results.

  • Opening to relationships and love.
  • Improving relationships.
  • Awakening to your destiny and soul calling. 
  • How to live an extra-ordiary life. 
  • Healing trauma, pain and suffering. Letting go gracefully. 
  • Dealing with sudden changes. 
  • Releasing stress, depression and anxiety. 
  • Opening and expressing truth, trust and safety. 
  • Life changes, when you are having massive shifts and awakenings. 
  • Kundalini and energetic experiences. 
  • Grounding multidimensionality in your body. 
  • Opening psychic abilities. 
  • Clearing past karma. 
  • Integrating higher consciousness. 
  • Soul fragments. 
  • Sensitivity, empathy. 
  • House, home and land and spirit clearings. 
  • Clearing any interference. 
  • Curses, spells, hooks, psychic attack, energies, from this life, ancestral or family lineage. 
  • Getting to the bottom of the underlying patterns that are holding back your life, love and relationships on personal or professional levels. 
  • Business and professional activation.
  • Opening to life purpose and  your highest path. 
  • Becoming pregnant. (Yes I have a great track record at helping clients conceive and into birthing). 
  • Death and loved ones passing over. Seeing spirits and messages from loved ones. Helping them release. 
  • Opening gifts and anchoring energy on receiving, worthiness, and accepting abundance and all in life. 
  • Family patterns and dynamics. 
  • Working with children and their highest selves.  Up to 7 I can do this through the mother or father,  then after that will need the childs permission. (also before if they are highly developed beings). 
  • Clearing vows, contracts, patterns and beliefs. 
  • Opening to life mission and releasing the blockages to this. 
  • Letting go of any sabotage, and early imprinting from childhood, or anywhere in life. 
  • Clearing past partners, or any hooks, cords or energies that are interfering in life. 
  • Sexuality and sensuality.  
  • Clearing past patterns and trauma. Opening to the infinite. Connecting to source, compassion and understanding. 
  • Releasing regret, shame, anger, punishment, judgement and lower emotions that are holding back your manifestation in life and love.
  • Accelerating DNA and personal soul opening. 
  • Helping star beings ground and be here on Earth. 
  • Removing old limitations and thought patterns to open to limitless bliss, peace and blessings.
  • Bringing in high vibrations and frequencies for creation. 
  • Anything really.  See what is there.  We can work on the ancestral lineage, past life or this timeline for amazing results. 
  • Those things you can't really talk about to any-one else, Ashiana may be the answers to your prayers. 
For the women:
  • Womb work
  • Feminine empowerment
  • Mystery Schools. 
Sessions are perfect for short or long term stories when you are REALLY ready to actually let go and open to a new reality.  


Sessions are held on zoom, (or in person) with Ashiana, the starbeings and councils of light in the highest connection with your soul, guides and future timelines. 

Book an Online Session

Ashiana works on zoom all over the world. Your session will be recorded and any meditations or daily practices sent to you also.  

Private one on one sessions, coaching or mentoring packages.  

YES I am ready to upgrade. Book me in.

Other Offerings by Ashiana


Group Work 

  • Divine Re-Encoding. (Theta Healing re-programming). 
  • Sacred Transmissions and divine channelling. 
  • Prayers for the Earth.
  • Temple of the heart offering. 
  • Holding space in ceremony, activation portals. 
  • Prayers, spoken word channelling for groups, collectives. 
  • Initiations. 
  • Guided meditations. (Can be alone or done in co-creation with sound healers or other collaborations). 
  • Celebration of new paradigm energy. 
  • Bringing the beauty way.
  • A channel to meet where people are and rise the energy. 


Practices / Tools

  • Releasing vows, oaths, agreements, clearing karmic stories.
  • Past life, this life, soul medicine.
  • Ancestral clearing, healing and alignment. 
  • Creating new templates in the DNA, restructuring.
  • Releasing cords, hooks, agreements, implants, soul fragments. 
  • Clearing energies beliefs, patterns, paradigms that no longer serve. 
  • Creating new alignment. 
  • Visioning the future. 
  • Anchoring new templates. 
  • Guides Guardians. Working with a plethora of beings. 
  • Star codes. 
  • Opening to guides and interdimensional beings of assistance. 
  • Working with land and Earth energies. 
  • Ascension Upgrades. 
  • Holding the collective vision for collaborations. 
  • Hathor mystery school. 
  • Sword of LIght frequency tools. 
  • High council and star council activations. 


Workshops / Retreat

(From half hour to 10 day)

  • Kundalini Dance.
  • Temple Dance. 
  • Destiny Dance. Future creation. 
  • Workshops divine encoding. 
  • Divine blueprint. 
  • Collective Theta activations. 
  • Ascension guidance. 
  • Channelled energy. 
  • Womb & Yoni activation for women
  • Sacred sensuality in integrity for men and women. 
  • Energy and light pillar creation. 
  • Soul Warrior workshops. 
  • Love Warrior 🔥 Love Warrrioress. 
  • Anything themed off one of the online courses or to your requirement. Connect to see if we can do it. 
  • High Priest/ess initiations.
  • Queen King remembrance and uniting. 
  • Sacred ceremonies. 
  • Celebrations of the beauty way. 



  • Dance and pray. 
  • Invocations of the sacred. 
  • Leadership. 
  • Moving through edges. 
  • Inspirational speaker. 


Womens Work 

  • Womb activations. 
  • Ceremonies.
  • Wild Goddess incarnating.
  • Priestess Initiations. 
  • Sacred sexuality. 
  • Star lineage connection. 
  • Wisdom teachings from the starbeings.
  • Sensual Empress. 
  • Releasing trauma and embodying safety and trust.
  • Masculine feminine stories. 
  • Archetypes. 
  • Releasing the wounding. 
  • Working with the deities. Hathor, Isis, Quan Yin. 
  • Temple Tours in Bali, Egypt, India. 
  • Empathy and sensitivity. 
  • Boundaries. Sacred gateways. 
  • Sacred sites and empowerment. 

Book Ashiana for your Festival, Retreat or tour.

Book for workshops, collaboration, create your future next level empowerment now. Ashiana is a collective empath and can tailor and guide her workshops on what is needed in the moment. Visionary Alchemy and NEW CODES for consciousness guided meditations or dance and movement.

The Path

Journey to here ✨ Maybe you can relate

A seeker and a searcher since Ashiana, (then Carla Christensen, and later Kala Shekinah) left private high school with top grades in 1994.  Studied psychology and graduated with a BA from James Cook University. Tick everything to fit into excelling in the world, but knowing there was more.  

Left University and all mainstream aspirations in 1998, in devotion to the beauty way of magic and the sacred path of the heart and mysticism.  Vipassana meditation, living by fires and in sacred places, travelling, gathering with tribe and teachers. Following spirit and the heart.  In 2004 made a vow to be in service. "My will is thy will" has been a deep devotion for decades in this life and many others.   

She wanted to see and experience rather than just reading about all these multidimensional things. Studied psychic intuitive arts on the inner and outer planes, Cultural Bodywork with Stormie Lewis which led to Theta Healing, Advanced DNA Activation, Manifestation and Abundance, Intuitive Anatomy with Vianna Stibal. Teaching Theta Healing from 2004. From 2002 trained and assisted Leyola Dekanic in Kundalini Dance and facilitated Dance temples and collective ceremonies all throughout Victoria and globally.  

Walked and worked with Peta O'Doharty in Geometric Dance Lynx, Vision Lynx and other collaborations. Also learning from Kaliana Raphael Rose in the Magdeline codes, and the sacred masculine feminine ways from 2004 to 2008. 

Remembrance of the visionary and alchemist path of the priestess and guide. Sometimes not knowing how to work and fit into the modern world, being a bit of a time-traveller from the past and the future. The ways of the world have come through many internal and external experiences, traditional and untraditional.  

Led to ceremonies with cross cultural indigenous Australians for many years and works with spirit, Earth and elemental energies.  

In 2010 followed the call to India lived with beloved for many years, ashrams and teaching of the temples, pujas and sacred ways. Inner alchemy while also having ross river fever, auto immune disorder. Ashiana knows what it is like to suffer and struggle through the different initiations of life, health and open to the deeper conscious and subconscious paradigms. To surrender to the wild ways of the world and to create a path where sometimes there is none.  

She travelled the world with her then beloved to many amazing sacred places,  until Bali called in 2012.  Follow the message for God to guide her footsteps, she was guided to "bathe in the water temples in Bali." Which she did for many years.   

Designed clothing and jewellery that activated many Priestesses with the empowerment codes and poetry.  Blending healing work and empowerment codes with signature pieces. Prayers for the world.  She watched these epic power pieces change and transform peoples lives.  While she always knew and was told that she was a spiritual teacher, healer and writer. 


Over the years she has worked with many women and men in online groups. Having also done long distance healing sessions over the phone before there was even internet, skype or zoom.  Lol In recent years, following the guidance to get the Earth ceremony wisdom into online platforms and virtual ceremonies globally. 

In 2013 she was told to write books and the mythic archaetypical journey began, she was called to initiations in Egypt, ancient Khemet, for the next chapters in the book. 

Over her life she has fulfilled all of her dreams, lived in tipis, the forest, the beach, slept in caves, mansions, palaces, ashrams and varied home temples all over the world.  While working online and in various ways of service. 

She lived in the Isle of the Gods and Goddesses, Bali Indonesia,  for 4 years until spirit called elsewhere. 

Now she is dedicated to service in the online mystery / star guided wisdom school opening.  Here with online courses, movements, sessions and packages.  Where she can bring all the wisdom and knowledge to help many. 

She has always been dedicated to the higher purpose, with ascension Modalities moving through the seen and unseen worlds. She spent many years developing The Destiny Keys, which will be launched at the perfect time.  


In 2019, using all the superskills and wisdom,  to launch the LOVE alchemy temple. 

In 2020 called to live in Egypt over the global pandemic, anchoring a pillar of light. Bringing in and stewarding many new teachings and ascension modalities. 

Here for this planet in whatever capacity.  Loves networking and weaving epic starbeings unite. 

Looking forward to dancing in all realms, with the multidimensional mysticism, books, courses, power pieces, treasures, sessions, workshops, retreats, movements and next level ventures that spirit opens.   

She has been called durga and the many armed goddess by a few, as she dances in many realms. 

There are many more twists and turns in the life path, that will come out in the books the next years.  For now let's just say that through many initiations Ashiana can hold the light and transformation for you and your purpose. 

Excited to share more with you.  




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