It's time to break through 

Your energy and frequency creates everything. 

Change the inside and you will change the outside.  

 Open to your fullest light & claim your sovereignty. 

Be a part of the first to get access to this course. Daily practices & energetic tools for quantum shifts. 

Clearing ancient vows, shamanic contracts, past life oaths, agreements, and a whole lot of operating systems that are no longer serving. 

It's time to rise and fulfill your mission on Earth. 

YOU got this. Your unique gifts are so needed on the planet right now. 

This course will clear the way, open to your full light body activation. 

Be invincible. 

There are so many forces unseen and seen that have been hindering too many good people. We also work with Earth grids, country codes & unconscious frequencies. 

The activations in this course are for YOU. Money, love, worthiness, success, service, sharing, shining, and a whole lot more.   

It is not only SAFE to be seen, but essential at this time on Earth, for all the luminaries and future leaders to rise and share their codes.  

The world depends on it.

MORE INFORMATION on "Sword of Light"   

 Only for the first 5 people. 

Be a part of the first to get access and entrance to this course online. 

This course is ready to go at your own pace, in your library as soon as you sign up. 

Packed with activations, initiations, meditations, wisdom sharing, codes, deep healing and energetic empowerment. 

 For those that join now, you will get the Womb Course for free when it is recorded in the next months. (This is for men and woman). 

Special Bonus

 For those that join now, you will get the Womb Course for free when it is recorded in the next months. (This is for men and woman).

Check out more nectar on the Sensual Bliss Mystery School  

For the first 5 people.  If the code works your IN. 

"Light Warrior of the Stars. It's Your Time to Shine" 

"Hathor Star Tantra" 


The codes in these 2 courses will take you to the next level.  


Special Bonus

For those that join now, will get the Womb course for free when it is recorded in the next months. (This is for men and women). 


"Hathor Bliss Creation" out now.
"Sword of Light" in October -  December. 


Use code: SENSUALBLISS for 50% off 

Only for the first 3 people.  If the code works your IN. 


 Bonus Access 

For those that join NOW, you get my whatsap # and get to ask me any questions as you go through the course. 

As we are templating, I want to make sure everything is epic and on track to give you the most empowerment and deep shifts to what you are going through. 

I am 1000% positive that the tools, initiations and meditations in these courses will unlock EXACTLY what you and our world need, so I want to give you access to ask me anything. 

*You may have to be patient in responses as I may be in the desert recording, or on magic carpet rides, or on Atlantean retreats or swimming with the dolphins. But I will get back to you. 



Money back guarantee.  I am also so sure these courses are exactly what you need, that if you do them & don't get results I will give you your money back. 


EXTRA SPECIAL Super Blessing ✨  

If you purchase "Lightworkers from the Stars" or "Hathor Mystery School", or both. If you want to join Earth Angels Ascension Mentorship 2022, you get the price you paid deducted from the program. Win-win So you basically get these courses FREE. 



Ascension tools, quantum upgrades.  

Over the course of 4 months you will meet different star beings, neters (Egyptian deities), have initiations and learn ascension tools that will create mastery and magic in your life.  

Journey starts later in 2022.

Enrolment Temple Doors open now for first tier. 

Limited places for guaranteed focus and energetic quantum shifts. 

It's potent, super powerful and  jam packed with ascension tools, initiations and journeys over the months. Tools you will use for life. 

All the videos, meditations, tools, initiations, out every 2 weeks. 

A group  zoom call every 2 weeks. 

There are limited spaces, so sign up now to secure yours.  (If you wish to make a deposit to secure your place,  talk to Ashiana now). 

Bonus Courses are available now, when you sign up.  

The energy starts as soon as you say YES. 

When you join the group we will start adding some special energetic upgrades to the group container. 


More info here ✨


⭐️ ⭐️  Only for the first 2 people. Use Code: SENSUALBLISS to get 50% off Earth Angels Awakening Ascension Mastery 


Special Bonus an extra private 1:1 session with Ashiana & the councils of light. 

What happens when  working with Ashiana. 

Vlado Milanovic 

"Working with Ashiana has been nothing short of incredible and deeply moving. She was able to help me move through past traumas and create a new sense of openess to the infinite potential of each human being. I am so much more deeply connected to my higher self and I feel lighter and so open to my true life purpose.  Ashiana was able to show me how to dream scribe and provide myself a way to be accountable to my daily meditations. My dreams are so much more vivid and I have been able to use this information to really give me much more  insight on understanding what is happening to me in my day to day life."
Certified Nutritional Practitioner and Account Manager for Advanced Orthomolecular Research (AOR).  Vancouver, Canada.

Larkin Swain

“I want into our session with really no idea what to expect. I just knew we had connected for a divine reason and was trusting that.  I would have  never expected I would experience the kind of transformation I did. I was able to release so much. Traumas that had been holding me down for years. Traumas I had been identified with for so long. I was suddenly able to look at them from a new, empowered and detached perspective. Immediately I could feel things shifting inside of me. A week later, I didn’t even recognise myself. I have seen many different healers, but I have never experienced such deep and powerful transformation as I have after working with Ashiana. I was in the process of healing a history of abusive relationships and unhealthy intimacy patterns. Within the first week of our session. I had attracted two different lovers that had done their own healing work and were able to hold space for me as the Divine Masculine beings. This to me was a sure sign major shifts had taken place. I’ve felt so juicy, sensual, and vibrant. Lighter, as thought I have released heavy baggage.  Where before I felt that I was struggling to catch my breath as the waves of life crashed over me, now I feel I am riding these waves smoothly. My head is much more clear, I am embodied. I feel as though I have a clean slate. No longer tied to many of the limited belief systems that have held me back for so long. Ashiana is a powerful potent healer who will create a space for you to feel deeply safe and held. She is truly a gift to the world.”
Graphic Designer. Salt Lake City, Utah. Thailand. 

Jocelyn Gordon

"Ashiana taps in quickly and goes right to your heart. She is highly intuitive and deeply connected with Divine Intelligence. Sessions with Ashiana cover your innermost desires, fears and direct you to real healing that journeys from the person you were, who you are now and who you are becoming. I highly recommend you invest in yourself through Kala's offerings."
Conscious conception Coach, Creatress of  HoopYogini™ and Bhakti Boogie®,Forida USA. 
1:1 Starseed Coaching Booked out.
Only 1 spot available. It will fill fast. 
Join the waitlist apply now for when space opens up in 2022. 

Working with Ashiana in the Earth Angels and other groups, may be the only way to have private access. 


Star Lineage Soul Embodiment Package. 

This 6 month Coaching package may soon be the only way to work with Ashiana and the Star Councils  1:1 


✨ Long Distance zoom sessions & upgrades. 

✨ 1:1 private retreat in a power spot for activations, initiations and ceremonies. (Egypt or other power places). 

✨ Online courses. "Lightwarriors from the Stars. It's Your time to Shine", "Hathor Bliss Mystery School"  

✨ 4 Month "Earth Angels Awakening" group Ascension mentorship. 

✨ Accountability Check in. 

✨ Direct Access to the councils of light and prayers in all ceremonies and initiations.  

✨ First access to new codes and offerings. 

✨ Options for upgrades, to include your partner or soul kin. 

We work together for your unique destiny and highest alignment. 

See more here

Starseed Coaching ✨ 

Accelerated quickening. 

  • 6 week - 3 month fast track container. 
  • 1:1 Sessions on Zoom. 
  • 4 Online courses for you to do at your own pace.  



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The CODES you may just need & get Special Access to Courses     PAY AS YOU CAN 

For all beings, especially those in lockdown, and struggling in the world now. If you are wanting to break through to the next level I have something for YOU.  

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Use code: SENSUALBLISS for half price Sale. (limited places).   

If the code works your in luck. Online Courses ~ "Star Tantra Hathor Sensual Bliss" & "Sword of LIght", First 2 for Earth Angels Awakening group Ascension Mentorship. 

YES I am IN ✨ Full Body Upgrades

Light warriors From the Stars

For all superpower souls here on a mission. 

Hathor Star Tantra Bliss Creation course

Codes to sensuality and planetary empowerment. 

Earth Angels Awakening 4 month Ascension mentorship 

Group ascension program with the Councils of light and starbeings.

Wings of Maat Tour 

In person in Egypt 2021- 2022. Join in person or virtually. 

Star Lineage Coaching 

1:1 Soul Embodiment  6 month journey online and personal retreat in Egypt. 

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