Light workers where are you at?

Survey for lightworkers, starseeds, changemakers. What's stopping you from shining your light? 

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Question 1 of 19

What are your biggest blocks? 

Question 2 of 19

What keeps you from shining and doing what you came here on Earth for? 

Question 3 of 19

What would you be doing if you had no limitations? 

Question 4 of 19

What is your relationship to love, partnerships and divine union? 


I have never had any luck in love. I am not sure what's wrong.


Not sure what I signed up for but its been super challenging.


It's been OK. But could definitely get better. I have not had the full divine love experience.


It's good. But lacking some magic and fulfillment.


Wonderful. Fully in love and grateful all the time. Have found my match and living in bliss.

Question 5 of 19

Is there anything you would like to share about love, relationships, divine union, twin flames? 

Question 6 of 19

How is your relation to money/ finances? 


Always been a stress and anxiety. It sucks. Whatever I do it does not flow as I would like to. Holds me back from my full potential.


Been a pain and wish I had a magic wand to create more.


It comes and goes. Sometimes good, sometimes sticky. Ups and downs.


It's OK. Basics are met, but I would love to expand more so I can really fly in all I want to do. Could be better.


Always been easy. I have never had a problem with money.

Question 7 of 19

Anything you would like to share on your relations to finances and your ability to do what you are here on Earth for. 

Question 8 of 19

How are you at expressing yourself? 


Can't do it. Get all choked up. Feel strangled. Have so much to share and just can't do it.


Ok sometimes. Still hold back sometimes. Could definitely do with an upgrade. See people doing it effortlessly and want to be like that.


Could use a breakthrough.


Getting better. I used to hold back and now have found some ways to express more easily, in communication and in sharing myself with the world.


No worries. Easy breezy. Share easily and effortlessly, gracefully and find it super powerful, I LOVE sharing my communication and gifts with the world. I could share hacks and teach this to people.

Question 9 of 19

Is there anything you would like to share on expression?   Issues, things you could use support and help with. Things that have helped you on the way. 

Question 10 of 19

How are you with judgement and criticism? 


Hate it. Any hint of it makes me want to crawl back into my shell and hide. Not share anything.


Sometimes I can handle it. Depends on the mood and space I am in. Still have very thin skin and feel confemed if people share anything.


Could do with a bit more of a knowing of how to handle it.


It's OK. Sometimes akward, I am leaning in and learning how to handle it like a pro, slip up sometimes.


Bring it on! It shows me where to level up, and also means there is power in what I am doing. If it ain't rocking the boat it isn't doing something for the world. I see peoples triggers in their responses and don't take it on. Life water off a ducks back.

Question 11 of 19

Anything you would like to share on judgement and criticism?  How you have evolved or would like to evolve. What tips and tricks have been useful. How to make it fun. 

Question 12 of 19

How are you with sensuality, sexuality and passion. 


So blocked, I feel like a nun or monk. Is there a sign that says stay away?


Moving through. It used to be an issue, but some things are moving. I still need some more integration.


Getting there. Staring to actually enjoy it, and attract amazing reflections.


Opening, but could use some help to really activate. Realising things that I hadn't before. Staring to find freedom and spirituality in this area.


WOW~ My sensual, sex life is on fire. I have deep profound alchemy and love making. Super aligned divine starbeings.

Question 13 of 19

Anything you want to share with sensuality, sexuality and passion? 

Question 14 of 19

How are your psychic abilities? 


So closed. I don't know how to open them.


Staring to open, but limitted. It's one thing I really want to activate.


I know trust and sense things, but could definitely see more.


I feel overwhelmed and dont know how to shut them down. I often get anxiety by the things I see and feel.


Rocking, every 6th sense is turned on and I use them like a superpower. I know how to handle my sensitivities and am super powerful in this area.

Question 15 of 19

Anything you want to add on your psychic empathic reality. What has helped and what could open. 

Question 16 of 19

If you had a magic wand to change anything, what would it be?  

Question 17 of 19

How would it be and look like in your life if you were in your full power, radiance, and soul expression? 

Question 18 of 19

If you could unlock anything what would it be?  superpowers, sensuality, finances, love, psychic abilities, knowing and trusting. Or anything else.  

Question 19 of 19

Where would you like to be in your spiritual, psychic, soul-expressed journey? 



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