You are ready to uplevel and quantum leap  

 With grace, unrestricted freedom, joy, and fully embrace your souls highest blueprint. 


There are 2 ways to work 1:1 with Ashiana Love and the divine councils, and be held by the starbeings:  

  • Starseed Coaching/ Mentorship 6 week-  3 month Accelerator. 
  • Star Lineage, Soul Embodiment 6 month container. With private retreats & initiations. 

Both have access to online courses, and personal practices unique to you. 


One on one Zoom Sessions 


Online Courses

Prayers & Ceremonies

From power spots in Egypt. 

✨ Starseed Coaching

6 Week Acclerator for quantum uplevelling, radical transformations, and to be guided by Ashiana and the divine councils. Welcoming you into your highest soul star blueprints and life evolution. 

We clear any restrictions, and support your deepest joy and divine purpose. 

This is for those ready to REALLY dive in and devote to your highest reality. 💎  We work directly with you. 

You get private sessions, online courses, and can also get special bonuses when you sign up now. 

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Star Lineage Soul Embodiment Coaching 

This is for those that wish to journey deeper, and longer. We calibrate a container unique for your personal journey. Including private 1:1 in person or online retreats and activations in Egypt and special ceremonies in power spots. 

A 6 month journey, where we walk alongside your liberation and hold the tools and practices for you to fully embody your unique essence. 

For those that are ready to fully level up in life, and make the BIG changes. Also if you are doing planetary work, this may be for you. 

You get everything in this package. Sessions, online courses, Ascension group mentorship, 1:1 private retreat in Egypt, and constant access for the 6 months.  

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Amazing results 

  • Opening to live the life of dreams. Releasing deep unconscious patterns that have been with people for lifetimes. 
  • Awakening the full power of expression, trust, healthy boundaries, soul empowerment & sovereignity. 
  • Deep healing and coming into more fun and joy with relationships, family and work environments.  
  • Letting go of struggle, stress, and suffering. 
  • Stepping fully into every aspect of liberation, happiness and massive shifts. 
  • Career, continent, home and partnership shifts to way more happiness. 
  • Deeper levels of embodiment and fully accessing the soul energy that they came for. 
  • More power, prosperity, pleasure and peace. 
  • Total life change and transformation. 
  • and so much more 

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