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Inner Temple Arts & Ecstatic Life is growing. Ashiana is not always online.  As soon as we can get customer support we will. For now, love you, and I will reach out asap. For quicker responses send a message on whatsap. 

Whatsap:   +20155039772

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We are upgrading all the time. 

Your support is essential.  We are excited to shine and evolve. 


If you have a rocking testimonial please email or send a video. You will be given a discount on your next session. 

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Together we rise

We are all in this together. Trust the journey, the mysteries, the initiations of life. We got this! Ashiana is also available to share NEW CODES for consciousness on retreats or at festivals, gatherings or trainings.  It's time to share online and in body. More coming all the time.


There are many programs we wish to bring out and create for free access and scholarships to  people that may not have the funds.  Your philanthropy and gifts go a long way.   Ashiana and others has given time and energy for raising the consciousness and ascension of the planet for many years. 

We are also working on a HUGE project that needs benefactors and sponsors. Email or contact to find out more.  🔑 

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