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It's your time. The planet needs you in your highest, and best. With ninja tools and shining in your light. You incarnated in this time for a reason. Opening up the latest energetic power tools for you. 

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Channeled and recorded in Egypt, with the starbeings and divine councils of light. Ready to go at your own pace, in your library. Payment plans and access at the bottom of the page.

Love & Relationship

Calling in the beloved, upgrading your current relationship. These courses are full of codes, practices and energy to make the quantum shifts you desire.

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For the next months you get private access to Ashianas whatsap to ask questions and give feedback on the course.

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You will be rocking in light and power. 60 day money back guarantee if you are not fully lit in your path. (For the first 5 people to sign up. Use code LIGHT for 50% off, this special price.)

All courses will be affiliated. So if you share in the future you can receive % commission for this.  Enquire to become an affiliate. Experience these courses and then share the love.  

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Starts January 2022. Energy starts as soon as you sign up. Get access to online courses in your library as soon as you say YES. Spaces limited to secure yours now.

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Comes with some of these online courses, and programs, & retreats. Only a few spots available.


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