You are here for a reason 

You did NOT come to this planet to stay small and hold back your gifts. 

You came to make a difference. 

You came for a unique soul purpose, that ONLY you can do. 

You have the power. Together we can do this. 

With the help of the star beings, the neters, and all these diamond light and ascension tools we make the quantum shifts together that you came for. 

It's time to rise. 

We got this. 


The world needs YOU to step fully into your power, to come together to make the changes on the planet that we are here for.

This sacred container offers you a space to come into your light, activation and next level magic and what you incarnated for. 

Next quantum shifting container starts January 2022.  

Limitted places, Sign up Now.

In this online group ascension mentorship you will learn

Techniques and tools and energetic maps to integrated embodied ascension.

Over 4 months we will call in the energetic temple and divine teams,  councils and work with different, star beings, guides, guardians.   We will cover a different deity and intiations each fortnight, and give you the tools you need in this time. 

Each module goes over 2 weeks to give you a chance to do the recorded initiations, and online group zoom calls and ceremonies, and integrate each energy. 

⭐️ Module 1

Activating Your Superpowers. DNA Upgrades to your capacity and potential. 

Calling in the Starbeings, councils of light, intentions and grounding in for the journey. 

Acturians, Sirians, Plieadians, Lyrans, Andromedans and others. 

⭐️ Module 2.

Anchoring in all parts, calling in your full soul. Accepting all that has been and will be. Integrating light and shadow aspects. Becoming whole, activating the golden rod. 

Isis, Osiris & Horus. 

⭐️ Module 3.  

Releasing all that is in the way. Easy, effortless graceful clearing techniques and templates. Opening the gateways for your personal magic. 

The Sphynx, Tefnut, the lions and Benu, the phoenix.  

⭐️Module 4

Holding your Power.  Owning your sovereign light and life mission. Opening to even more magic, mastery and manifestation. YOUR divine blueprints. 

Komombo temple. 

⭐️ Module 5.  

Rising in your Purpose. Together we rise. Looking at how you can work together with all so we flourish. Setting up new ways forward working with attraction and the star beings, the future self and sacred geometry. Deep empowerment to your ecstatic self and service to the planet. What you came for. 


⭐️ Module 6. 

Passion, purpose, prosperity and Pleasure. Opening the codes to your greatest being and essence. 


⭐️ Module 7.  

Balancing the heart on a feather, dharma and divine purpose. Life mission and weighing the jewels. Aligning the heart. 


⭐️ Module 8.

Integration of all the energies. Clear light opening and closing power portals. Focus and maintaining high frequency. Crystal clear light.  

Ra, the sun, all and surprise.  


💫  Each fortnight,  we will have an hour and a half live zoom call. (With a replay if you can not make it). 

This 4 month Ascension Group Mentorship in 2022, will be overlighted by Baastet with the intention of play through all the sacred initiations. 


We will also share:

💎 Different techniques,  meditations and practices for ascension, integration and alignment. Activating the light body and embodiment.

💎 New codes and never before released modalities from the star beings that have been passed down to Ashiana over the years, and fresh ones here in this time from the temples in Egypt, Atlantis, Lemuria and beyond. Can you feel it? 

💎 Techniques that call you to step into your fullest embodiment on Earth at this time and create the quantum shifts we are here for. Upgrades beyond. 

💫  🙏  💫 

We will connect and set up a star grid ascension portal across the planet.  From Egypt and where-ever you and every-one signs in from.  

Activate your next level mission.  Create a geometry of light in a quantum evolutionary sacred space. 


 There is limited space in this group mentorship container, so we can journey deeply together,  so get your spot now. 


If you sign up in the next week, you also get 2 one on one coaching ascension quantum upgrade sessions with Ashiana, instead of 1. 

Special Bonus online Courses

Sign up now and you get these courses as soon as you enter.  With full codes to activate your DNA, and open the right contracts. 


Activate Your Superpowers 

Activation of the DNA and your light body, recorded in Bali rice fields. Become a super ninja in these times. 

Bonus Course 

Soul Codes and Contracts

Release contracts, oaths, vows that no longer serve. Calling in your soul tribe to take you to the next level of life. 

Bonus course 

Sign Up Now for the Earth Angels 4 month Virtual Temple. If you are one of the first 3 people get 20% discount.

Activate your Mastery

This is a sacred container never offered before, from the techniques, mastery and practices to align you to your light and divine purpose. Coming to your from Egypt in this time.  If you sign up today you get an extra private session.  

YES I am ready to be full force. Give me Earth Angels Awakening & with 2 one on one quantum upleveling zoom sessions with Ashiana and the star councils.

Key benefits from this course

💎 Be with power people that are upleveling all the time. Feel connected to a high vibrational field, and an epic team of support.  

💎 Learn about the different Egyptian deities, their gifts and go through initiations, activations from them and their temples in the comfort of your home. 

💎 You are part of a powerful team of light workers here at this time on planet Earth. Activate your starseed alignment, mission and soul purpose.  

💎 Release blocks that have been holding you back for too long. Blast through subconscious fears and finally lay these things to rest, having fun doing it. 

💎 Clear deep seated karmic and ancestral baggage for good. 🗡 

 💎 New Codes. Quantum uplevelilng and shifts. 

💎 Ascension techniques. Lemurian lightwork and Atlantian codes. Remember what you are here for.

💎  Reclaim your freedom, soul ascension on the deepest level through lifetimes of imprints. 

💎 Feel good in these times. Slay all that is not in your highest vibration. Go deep and be couragous to shine your brightest light. 

💎 Be in the highest service for your life and the planet. 

💎 Open to new paradigms of energy, frequency and vibration. Kick old habits and thought patterns with amazing light tools that WORK. 

💎 Have a kick ass crew of interdimensional beings assisting and supporting you. Like wow. 

💎 Open to the diamond liquid light of source. With guides such as the plieadians, sirians, achturians and other councils of light. 

💎 Move in radical attraction and activation. Opening to total new operating systems. 

💎 Be in your bliss body. Know how to come back to centre and align effortlessly and gracefully. 

💎 Own your crown, your sovereignty and sit on the throne of your galactic and Earthly domain. 

💎 Activate your core and sexual creative energy. Aligned to the highest purpose. 

💎 Abundance practices. 

💎 Daily techniques that work. 

💎  Fulfill YOUR unique purpose on Earth at this time. 

💎   Raise your vibration. Realise what you incarnatated for. 


We are part of the team that is here for planetary Ascension

Ashiana Love has been called to be in Egypt for this timeline shift, and to bring the codes to you here now.  Join Earth Angels Awakening. Set up a star grid of lightworkers and activated game changers all around the planet. 

YES I am IN Full body YES.
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Get this special now for EARTH ANGELS AWAKENING and 2 private online upgrade sessions.  

Only for the next 3 people. Potent alignment direct from Egypt. 

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 Learn and integrate these cutting edge tools into your life.  


Ascension Tools:  

  • Pillar of Light. 
  • The flames. 
  • The waterfall of light. 
  • Releasing ancestral energy. 
  • Releasing past life energy. 
  • Embodiment exercises. 
  • Lumurian lightwork. 
  • Calling in the guides and guardians. 
  • The golden disc. 
  • Facing shadows. 
  • Affirmations and Invocations. 
  • Vibration, Frequency and energy.
  • Soul fragments. 
  • Womb portal and womb meditation. 
  • Sacred geometry. 
  • Calling in Starbeings.
  • Daily practices. 
  • Creating a star grid around the planet.
  • Diamond light tools. 
  • Direct work and energy surgery with the star beings.  


⭐️ You also get 2  one on one sessions from Ashiana if you wish to upgrade in this time, to use anytime. If you sign up today. 

⭐️ If you wish to upgrade to the 6 month Star Lineage Soul Embodiment Coaching package there are only 2 spots available. Here you get more one on one and private retreats in power spots. 



If you purchase in full now. You also get the online courses. 

  • Activate Your Superpowers. 
  • Codes & Contracts 

Access straight away when you sign up.  

You are here to change the world. It all starts inside.  

Be one of the first  people to sign up and get a 20% discount. 

Code closes on this date. 

First 3 people in also get 2 personal 1:1 sessions with Ashiana and the star beings. 











Some of the things that happen in the Earth Angels Awakening Container.


  • Deep integration of anything that may be holding you back. 
  • Removing codes, contracts, vows, oaths, agreements that no longer serve. 
  • Seeing the ones that do. 
  • Integrating any past stories, patterns, pain to become free, lighter and able to move into your most epic next level being. 
  • Quantum shifting. 
  • Ascension upgrades. 
  • Healing and removing any trauma that may have been held in your nervous system, or any aspect of your body and being. 
  • Tools and practices to use daily. 
  • Access to a library of light and powerful beings. 
  • Psychic surgery in daytime or dreams by the starbeings. 
  • Personal and planetary awakening. 
  • Moving through the initiations. 
  • Accepting ALL the parts of life. Forgiving any wounds or betrayals or old emotions that are holding you back.
  • Remembering and resolving past lives, ancient memories, or galactic or off planet lifetimes. 
  • DNA upgrades. 
  • Opening to new codes, frequencies and empowerment. 
  • Lifetime liberation of alignment. 
  • Dedicaiton to patterns, habits and practices that are going to serve your highest good. 
  • Getting to the core wounds and paradimgs that have been holding you back. 
  • Fine tooth combing anything from your being. 
  • Dedication and invocation to your highest purpose, passion, power and prayers. 
  • Bringing fun and full safety and embodiment to your highest soul. 
  • Disentangling any memories of clips from the unconscious that would pull you back. 
  • Upgrades, upgrades, upgrades, quantum shifts. 
  • Working with the councils of light and diamond light tools. 
  • Full body rushes and miracles. 
  • Opening to love, life and your hearts highest alignment. 
  • Being supported to live your highest lives purpose. 
  • Massive openings to prosperity and aligned dharma. 
  • Realising why everything has been the way it was. 
  • Clearing old planetary operating systems that no longer serve. 
  • Rewiring and rewriting the script. 
  • More bliss, peace, and power. 
  • Initiations and intentions for your journey. 
  • Lifetime goal kicking. 
  • Fulfilling your missions, assignments and purpose on Earth. 
  • Activating visions and life goals. 
  • More creativity, passion and celebration in life. 
  • Moving through the suffering, and becoming free.