You are ready to embrace your sensual journey 

The hathors and guides of love will embark on a journey in the mystery schools of love. 

We start by removing any templates of distortions. 

We move to the energy and frequency of high conscious love. 

With ancient energy awakening of the truth and next level empowerment of the sacred current of ecstasy. 

With codes for awakening, light body activation, remembrance of who you are.  

Realigning the currents of sensual energy for the highest good of all. 


Any old paradigm energy around sexuality.  


To ancient new ways of using tantric energy. 


Divinity and connection inside and out. 

Enter the new waves of interdimensional code sharing. 

The hathors and guides from the stars have been whispering to Ashiana for years now to bring through the star tantra mystery school. 

Excited to share with you the codes for the next level blueprints and templates of creation. 

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What do you get out of this course?  

Better sexual experience and intimacy with others. 

Deeper knowing of your own body and energy centres. 

How to use the sexual experience and making love for healing, aligning, higher visions and awakening personally and planetary. 

Unplugging from the distorted sexual templates of pain, abuse, mistrust, and lower frequency entities. 

Releasing shame, guilt, fear, trauma and unconscious paradigms around sex. 

Tools and techniques to use in the bedroom and every day life, that will open your connection to the stars, and deeper mysteries. 

Using rituals and practices to activate higher conscious and more connected love making. 

Realising that most of humanity has been on an operating system of sexual harvesting, and how to unplug from that grid. 

Awakening through sexuality either on your own or in a loving relationship. 

Codes from the priestesses / priests of hathor. 

Deeper level of love, respect and boundaries for your body temple.  

Activating the sacred gateways in orgasmic states. 

Energy sending and moving this force through your body. 

Feeling confident in merging with others. 


What you may be desiring to release? 

Negative sexual experiences. 

Abuse and trauma in the past. 

Pain around sexuality and not knowing how to move through it. 

Feeling numb. 

Unconscious paradigms of sexual experiences, 

Feeling unfulfilled sexually and tantrically. 

Wanting to know more about tantra. 

Opening to better and more fulfilling sexual expression and experiences.  


Making love and tantra is a gateway to the stars, an energy vortex that most people are not aware of.  

There have been blocks, supression, over expression of sexuality in our world. 

It is one of the most powerful forces in the universe which is why it has been harvested, misused, abused, distorted, manipulated, 

hooks, cords, negative programming. 

Healing from abuse, 

channel the energy for the highest good. 

Moving through the waves. 

repatterning a new paradigm of love making 


You can do this! You are a stargate for sensuality. 

Your heart, body, mid and spirit are calling for these codes. You can do this on your own or with a partner. It will activate more than you know in your life.  

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Feeling free in your sensual and sexual expression. LIberated and using lovemaking for higher states of consciousness, more than you ever knew were possible. Connected to the heart and the subtle realms of the universe inside and out, in waves of bliss and activation. 

Opening the gateways for ecstatic connection and fulfilling your own and your partners highest frequency.  Intimacy as a powerful dedication and devotion for awakening. 

Trusting the healing codes and connection and moving into deeper states of unravelling. Healing the planet while making love. 

Feeling connected to the sovereign and soul expansive expression of love making. 

Remembering the mysteries of the stars as this comes through. Releasing any fear of sexuality. Using the tantric alchemy to open energy centers inside that connect you to the universal realms.  Awakening DNA and your gifts, freeing from any fear or repression.

You are a channel of the divine, open to fountains of energy and ecstasy moving through your body. Using orgasmic energy to amplify.  In the deepest presence of star love.  

Open to Star Tantra Magic 


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What do you get when you sign up? 


  •  The first online course, with 4 modules.
  • LIfetime Access, to this course. With meditations and practices that you can use for the rest of your life. 
  • The space to share and ask questions of Ashiana,  and be alongside the journey, so your unique template can be a part of the upgrade and new codes. 
  • Connection to your own sensuality and how to use it for empowerment of the planet. 
  • Videos with wisdom Sharings. Chanellings. Activations. Initiations. Meditations. Core energy releases. Upgrades. Practices. Guided journeys. New techniques from the mystery school. 

Behind the scenes access as this energy comes through in Egypt now, with Ashiana and the star tantra mystery school. 

Course Content 

Initiations. Release of the old codes. Opening the new ones.  Daily practices. Energy techniques. Energy sending. Activating the new codes. Alchemy in love-making.  Ways of using it.  Planetary empowerment through sensual energy. 


Module 1: Your body as a temple 

Activating the codes 

Energy lines 

Temple creation

Elemental opening 

Light body activation 

Awakening the source code 



Unhooking the old paradigm energy grids   


Water blessing


Module 2: Sexual Circuitry 

Clearing old operating systems 



Module 3: Opening the gates. 

Walking into mutual understanding with respect 


Sensual desire as power 

Unhooking the lower vibration hooks and implants

Opening to new energy circuits

Opening the heart 




Module 4: Temples of LOVE 

Love making and pleasure as an offering 

Service to all 

Making love for planetary awakening 

Star grid activation 

Soul awakening 

Ka body 

Lemurian light techniques 

Rituals and Practices 

Ancient priest priestess alchemical acts of pleasure 

Lemurian light grids 

Activating the star grids

Clearing the heart mind body and spirit 

 Sacred cultivation and clearing techniques 

Activating the diamond light and star codes 

Beyond hedonism ~ sacred star aligned activation 

Acturain templates 

Soul Connection

Energy quickening. 

Quantum shifting in lovemaking


& more as it comes through the group. 


You are a walking stargrid, a shining light on earth. Open to the star tantra mystery school and discover the mysteries inside. 

Beyond pleasure, ecstasy and intimacy. 

The truth and power of sensual connection. 

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