It is time to Shine your Light 

Through this journey of space and time, removing all obstacles, blocks and opening to your highest gifts, deepest offerings, and what you incarnated for. 

Your gifts are needed in the world. 

Slay insecurities, doubts, all that is holding you back on every level. 


It is time to fulfill your mission on Earth. 

All beings are called into their highest now. To stand strong and shine the light. 

It is time to release the veils of planetary suffering, old paradigms of control, fear, separation, distortions, manipulations and face the potency and true power of who we are, and what we hold inside. 

The planet needs each and EVERY one to stand up tall and strong and come forth with their gifts and magnetism here and now.  

Lay down the things that have been holding you back once and for all. 

Stand strong in love and burn all that is in the way.  


For decades now Ashiana Love, and many others,  have been in service to harmonic transition on this planet, with ceremony, prayers, energy alignment and learning tools for ascension and personal and planetary guardianship.  In 2020 there was a clear message in a ceremony done in My Sinai in Egypt. 

"The world needs all lightworkers to stand strong and come forth" 

To release the blockages (vows, oaths, agreements, blockages, that hold them back and shine the light that we are here for. 

There are many reasons why we have been held back. Unconscious personal and planetary programs on frequency and vibrational levels: 

  • Low self worth 
  • Lack/ scarcity 
  • Shame 
  • Secrecy 
  • Not being or feeling safe 

Vows from different timelines: 

  • Aestheticism 
  • Chastity 
  • Secrecy 
  • Having to withhold the truth for being persecuted, shamed, killed, tortured, raped, molested and more. 

We all carry shadows of these things in us, until we are brave and in the warrior to hunt them down. 

Different beings have been harvesting the energy of humanity in different patterns, and feeding from the fear and pain. 

We go deep to clear and free these operating systems, distortions, manipulations from your cells. 

The world needs us to shed these layers, cut the cords, give up the fight of separation, scarcity, fear and rise in love and light. 

To be fully EXPRESSED, authentic and shiny, and in highest purpose. 



Remove past life vows 

Contracts, oaths, and agreements made in other timelines may have served then. But may be holding you back now. 


Any residual guilt, shame, fear, or unconscious shadows to open to your magnificence. 

Personal and planetary programs. 


To your most magnificent higher purpose, soul energy and empowerment. With grace, finesse and liberation. 

It's time to shine fully and unrestrained 


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How many lifetimes of being monks, nuns, priests, priestesses, warriors, ninjas, protectors, guardians, samurai, undercover geniuses, artists, creators, scapegoats, suffragettes, 

How many sacred places and energies have been warred over, destroyed, had traumatic endings. 

This can create distorted energy and leylines in our cells.  Programs that are subconsciously running us. 

Deep hidden pain patterns, unworthiness, guilt, fear, shame,  repression, are too common in humanity.  

The hidden trip wires that hold us back. 

We can't ______________ (fill in the blank) 

  • speak the truth 
  • be in our power 
  • have our dreams 
  • share the next level energy device that will create
  • ..... 

YES we have been killed, tortured, raped, suppressed, jailed, burnt, hung, judged, persecuted, slaved, controlled, and even worse.  🗡

 Countless times. 

We may have had to hide and not share the truth, trust or be in our full glow and glory as it would have brought unnecessary attention and even ... endings to our family, tribe and community.  

We have had to keep the veils of secrecy, suppression, control, fitting in, hiding, laying low. 

        BUT not any more 

The world is calling for the light, 

the new paradigm solutions, the truth, your unique codes. 

To end the collective operating systems slavery, victim, control, giving away our power, and more. 


What's in the course 

Module 1. Clearing, vows, oaths, contracts, curses, energies, paradigms that no longer serve you through all the chakras. 

💎 Earth Star ~ Land frequency, Grounding, disconnection, fear. 

💎 Base ~ Finances, community, family, tribe, safety, security, lack, not enough. 

💎 Sacral ~ Sexual, intimacy, relationships, creativity. 

💎 Solar Plexus~ power, abuse, sovereignty, self-worth, warrior, separation. 

💎 Heart ~ Love, compassion, giving, receiving, contribution. 

💎 Throat ~ expression, secrecy, suppression, judgment, fear of being persecuted. 

💎 Third eye ~ psychic energy, visions, clarity.

💎 Crown ~ Connection to god. 

💎 Soul Star ~ Galactic core. 

Module 2: Personal and planetary operating systems. 

Control, slavery, suppression, giving away power, not enough. 

Emotional freedom, disconnection from guilt, fear, shame, suffering, struggle. 

To get to the roots, core and subconscious blocks to your shining, wherever they come from. 

Clearing lines of manipulation, distortion and 

Invoking new personal and planetary operating systems. Its time. 

Module 3: Open to radical cutting-edge tools of light for clearing and opening high frequency energy.  

💎 Diamond light sword. 

💎 Energy alignment practices. 

Module 4: Conscious connected creation.

💎 New templates for change. Vibrational energy exercises.

Opening and owing your power, with ease grace and higher purpose. 


(All recorded in sacred power spots and deserts of Egypt). Coming out in 2021.  Join the journey of being a part of the activation now.  

Facilitator, guide

Ashiana Love is a channel, energy worker, priestess  who was called to be in Egypt in 2020 during covid. 

In that time she was guided to work with many councils, starbeings, guides and was given numerous energy tools, insights, visions and scripts to what is going on in our world. 

There are personal and collective operating systems that need to change. 

With these high vibration light tools, in the treasure trove and the guidance from the star councils of light, she has been called to step through this for all of humanity. 

Working with different modalities from Theta Healing, Kundalini Dance, Ascension school, gurus, guides, high priests and priestesses, and the high councils of light. With a background in psychology,  Advanced DNA reprogramming, Intuitive Anatomy, Ascension modalities, working with many cultures and metaphysical guides. Following the songlines of service and collective activation. 

We are here now and it is time to rise together. 


It's time to shine fully and express your unique power and potential

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LIght warrior from the Stars. YOU incarnated for this. 

The world needs you in your fullest. 



 Enough of the suffering, victimhood, sabotage, conscious and unconscious programming that is interfering with our world. 

IF enough people can step through this paradigm and stand fully in the light we will transition through this time ✨ 

Not only in grace, power and magnificence, but in so much beauty, mystery and magic. 

There are jewels and treasures that are beyond our knowing. 

It is up to us to step forward in our fullest integrity and with our souls light fully on.  NOT trapped in the distortions, patterns, loops, and pain of our past. 

 THIS is mastery. 

WE are the ones that chose to come to Earth from the Stars. 

WE are the ones that signed up for this mission.  

WE are the ones that knew it was going to be tough, challenging 

To step into the highest destiny of the universe. 

to stop the energy harvesting, masking and wounded reality going on. 

To stand strong in our energy bodies and be guardian over our future children, the waters, oceans, forests and deepest mysteries.  


WE are free,

         on fire,

                   Using tools from many places. All the ninja training, mystery schools, ways we have walked.  We have danced through many lifetimes and timelines to get here, we will not fall. Clearing the Atlantian karma, galactic karma, sexuality, expression, slavery, control, abundance locks and more.  


To play ALL in.  

If not now then when? 

If not You then who? 


We all have different times of shining and different soul purpose. 










Ascension tools 

Techniques to use in daily life. 

Meditations to use when you need. 

Guilded in light and form, energy frequency and vibration. It's all inside.

When you change the inside, the outside changes. 

If enough people step up and rise in frequency we can shift the paradigm on Earth.  


It's time to amp up the frequency 

We got this. 


Each being on earth holds a unique frequency, divine purpose, energy signature and highest destiny. 

It's time to fully step into yours. 




Etched in your heart and soul 

the longing you have 

the destiny you are here for


Techniques for highly sensitive souls, empaths, starbeings, warriors of light, priest priestesses. 

 Release any layers of trauma, constriction or wiring that is holding you back from your highest purpose, which is, in fact here for humanity, the heart and the earth.  


Claim your unique purpose 

Activate your codes of light 

Heart mind body and soul 


Quantum upgrades


This is the best codes, practices and quantum upgrades for lightworkers, planetary architects, starseeds, empaths, changemakers, genius, artists and all beings walking the path of light through the ages. 

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Be a part of this powerful course 

Recorded in the  amazing deserts of Egypt. 

Slay your doubts, insecurities, any sabotage holding you back from shining your light. 

Activate next level tools of light for life. Shine your light for all the planet. 

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Join the creation course as we ignite these lightwork jedi tools and codes.  60 Day money back guarantee if you are not fully in your light, and on your path. 

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