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Get the tour & the 4 months Earth Angels Ascension mentorship online Jan 2022.   

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Wings Of Maat Tour Egypt

Come to Egypt to be a part of the wings and dances of Maat pilgrimage. 

What you'll get:

  • Accommodation,  shared or you can upgrade for more. 
  • Transportation. 
  • Guides and support on the journey. 
  • A lot of fun and activations on the way. 
  • Ceremonies, initiations and activations live in power spots in the temples, deserts, sacred places. 
  • Be included in the Dances of Maat videos (if you would like). 
  • An epic adventure. 
  • Quantum shifting life changing tools and teachings along the way. 

[Flights to and from Egypt not included. All payments can not be refunded, but may be transferred to another person or to another product or service in the Inner Temple Arts mystery school.] 

Are you called to Egypt?

Called to be a part of an epic creation and powerful recalibration. 

Be a part of the powerful world ceremony. We are called to pray in devotion, ceremony and ritual alongside the temples and sacred power spots in Egypt. 

Performing ceremony, initiations, and activations. 

Be in the direct communion of the channeling, teachings, wisdom sharing. 

In the power places as we do light and ascension teachings. 

Share the energy of the neters and the ancient inscriptions and codes on the walls. 

Activate the pillar of light and jed within. 

Become a part of the light body activation as we awaken. 

Be in the ceremonies in the desert and the temples, as we journey through Egypt on this sacred pilgrimage. 

WINGS of MAAT is a tour that is for the balance of the world. Bringing right action and order to this precious planet. We are all connected and here for liberation. 

We work through some of the operating systems and reprogram to the new paradigm. 

DANCES of MAAT moves in celebration as she holds the feather to the heart, in the scales of balance and beauty. 

It is time to rise in full liberation as souls on this planet. 

 We will be doing massive amounts of energy work, transformational containers, and powerful rituals and ceremonies which will be filmed, 

and photographed in specific power spots. 


Staying in places by the pyramids, Sphynx, visiting deserts, temples, ancient power places, travel to Dendara meet the hathors, Sekmet in Karnak, The Valley of the Kings and Queens, journey in a boat on the Nile, Horus, and gather in Aswan. 

 Imagine riding camels in the desert in Egypt, dancing in the sacred sands of the ancient lands, gathering in temples bringing in powerful ceremonies for yourself and the world, being part of a tour that is rewiring and re-writing planetary operating systems. 

Recieve codes, DNA upgrades and quantum shifts channeled through Ashiana Love and the Star beings. 

Connecting with wisdom teachers, powerful beings of love and Queens and Kings of the new earth. 

Sacred contracts, of souls that are called to be here now in this unfolding. 


If you are called and need to do a payment plan other than what is offered, reach out and see what we can do.  (The deposit secures your place, and we will need to cover costs of this journey before it takes place). 


THIS is for high caliber beings who are on the path, we will do powerful initiations, rituals and connections. 


Connections with MAAT, ISIS, SEKMET, HORUS, OSIRIS & more as we open the doors to new vibrations, frequencies and mastery.  



Accommodation, transport, temple entrance, guides, videography and photography at group ceremonies, energy work and transmissions, connections, mystery teachings, ascension programs. 


If you sign up in full THIS WEEK receive a 1:1 session from Ashiana Love either on the tour or in preparation or integration after. 


We are the ones we have been waiting for. If you are called you are meant to be here. 

If you can not make it in person at this time, join in the VIRTUAL tour and be a part of the powerful prayer work and connect in from all over the world.  

If you are called to do this and the 4 month Ascension mentorship that starts in January 2022 check special offers. (Earth Angels mentorship get this tour for a big discount if you sign up for both). 

We are in this together. THIS is for our world. For the guardians of the new Earth and to bring the frequencies and vibrations our planet needs. 

You will receive a lot of personal upgrades and also a chance to change the planetary operating system. 

Our prayers are so powerful. Can't wait to journey with you.