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Love Coaching Package

Open to your most amazing soul mate relationship now.  

What you'll get:

  • Remove the unconscious vows, beliefs and patterns that are blocking love.
  • Accelerated shifts in your inner alchemy practices to receive the love of your dreams. 
  • The formula for creating your life partner relationship (whatever that means to you). 
  • Getting very clear on what you do want and  opening your super powers of attraction. 
  • 6 Private Sessions on zoom conferencing over the course of 3 months. 
  • 3 short sessions over the next year when you need them. 
  • The laser focussed power to get right to your precise wounds of rejection, abandonment, abuse, control or fears of love and light them up to create a complete turnaround. 
  • Guided meditations, practical and energetic exercises for you. 
  • Private access to Ashiana for quick questions and guidance over the 3 months. 
  • If you are already in a relationship and wanting to improve it, or if you are looking for your beloved we get to the core of your unconscious dynamics and quantum shift. 

If you sign up now you will also receive these online courses: 

💎   “Intimacy Blueprints”

💎  “Radical Self Love Mastery”

💎  “Worthiness. The Key Codes”

💎 "Choose Love" Signature program. 

These online programs worth over $1438. 



💎 "Love Warriors Rise" signature program worth $997.  

Sign up now for 2022, the year of divine love.  


Do you want to end the trauma in relationships, see and clear the patterns and pain once and for all. 

Be fully open to a whole new paradigm of relating. Attract your soul mate in your life now.  

Wake up every day in deep blissful connection that makes you so grateful you did the inner work. 


It's often unconscious vows or agreements we made in other lifetimes or our ancestors made that is keeping us back.  When you get to these EVERYTHING changes. It's almost miraculous. 

This is the magic formula.  

YES your divine love relationship is awaiting you.  But you have to do the inner work to create it.    I am ready to hold your hand and have the most amazing tool kit available IF you are serious about ending the drama, trauma loops and finding the love of your dreams. 

Super excited to be opening to those that want to truly shift in love and in life.  If that is you apply for one of the 3 spots available for $1000 discount. Call me for a half hour call if you want to find out more and see if you are a good fit. These spots will go quickly so get in now. CODE:  LOVE1000 

Start as soon as you wish. Quantum shifting love sessions. 


For the first person to use this code: You also get $1000 off for buying now.  CODE: LOVE1000 

If the code works it's yours  💗 


Your soul mate is waiting.

2022 IS the year of DIVINE LOVE. 

Make sure you have all aligned for the MOST DIVINE EPIC EVOLUTIONARY LOVE STORY ever.    

Note: Once you sign up you are committed.

Coaching Packages will not be refunded. You may transfer to some-one else to complete the private sessions. Also have access to some of the courses, depending on how far you have gone.


IT IS ADVISABLE to stay with the FULL 90 DAYS COACHING program, even if you meet your soul mate and rise in love in the process.  This program is a complete package to give you ALL the tools you need to also go onto have LASTING