$220 USD x 2 months

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Wings of Maat Virtual Tour 2 month payment plan

Join in the planetary prayers in power spots in Egypt. 

What you'll get:

  • Ceremonies, initiations and transmissions from the temples. 
  • Private access to FB group for joining the journey, with all the crew involved. 
  • Massive upgrades, tools, wisdom keys and energy clearing and alignments from Ashiana Love, crew, star beings and neters. 
  • The full transmission of the ceremonies, and recordings at the temples, in the deserts and on the journey. 
  • Codes and direct link-ups. 
  • To be involved and assisting the empowerment of personal and planetary awakening. 
  • Reprogramming on deep personal and planetary levels. 
  • Expansion of love, wisdom and prayers for the future of our world. 
  • Connection to the neters: Maat, Isis, Nuut, Sekmet, Osiris, Horus and others. 
  • Video shares of the time in the temples and other sacred spaces. Giza, Sphynx & Pyramids, Abu Gurab, Fayum desert, Abidos, Dendara, Luxor, Valley of the Kings and Queens, Karnak, the Nile, Aswan. 
  • Seeds of Love presence. 
  • Quantum shifts and alignments. 
  • Access to the stargates and new systems in alignment with the highest good of all. 
  • Gems and sharing on the journey. 
  • The full interviews and sharing from wisdom teachers on the path. In person and online. 
  • The teachings and sharing of Maat. 
  • To know you were a powerful part of the "Dance of Maat" creating the first tour. 
  • Divine connection. 


Tour is ongoing as long as the temples and power spots call. 

The team will be adding production to the library and into the FB group as we go, as well as live connections in the private group that you get to be a part of.  You have lifetime access.  

When you sign up you become part of the energy of the creation of the tour. Your support, prayers and intentions are held in every ceremony and temple we go to. 

It's almost as good as coming to Egypt, but from the comfort of your own home. 


💵  Your financial support goes a long way to assist the collective and prayer word done in the temples and on the sacred power spots of Egypt. 

Shokran / Thankyou