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Work online with Ashiana Love, and the star councils of light over 6 months to fully bring your soul into it's highest embodiment. 

One on one. Well, one on many, with the guides and acturians, plieadians, sirians, atlanteans, lemurian, oversouls and a plethora of epic beings on the astral, all here for YOUR evolution. 

Private online sessions, ceremonies of light, group mentorship, access to courses, private retreats all included, from Egypt and in power spots in this time. 

This may be the only way to work one on one with Ashiana, and the guides, as the collective calling steps up. 

There are only a few openings per year. Get in quick. 


One on one Upgrade Sessions 

A series of personal upgrade sessions over 6 months. Working with your own unique mastery, star lineage and soul embodiment on zoom from anywhere in the world. 

Online Courses, mystery school & group Mentorship.

Earth Angels Awakening, Star Tantra Hathor Creation course, Expansion Codes, Self Worth ~ Diamond Edge confidence & more. 

Private Retreat. 

4 full days one on one with Ashiana & the councils of light for ceremony, ritual, activation and upgrades in an exotic location. 



You're living your full soul purpose.  You have finally cleared all the things that are in the way.  You wake up in the morning looking at the sea view or forest,  out of your dream house, look at your beloved that you are in a divine union with, and get to work on your soul dharma.  

You check in and feel AMAZING, your vibration is lit, there are a few tweaks and you use the tools to clear your field and step into your highest creation. 

You have a kick ass team of guides, personal practices, and energetic power tools to work with, and everything is blooming.  You feel so grateful that you made the jump to invest in your soul, and life on all levels. 

Your frequency is high, your heart is open, and you are offering your gifts to the world, no holding back. 

You have just got off a quantum upgrade session with Ashiana the night before, and are excited to put the tools and insights into practice. You feel so seen, and relieved to be able to really do this work, and have the support you need. Everything is up-levelling in the most miraculous way. 

You feel the difference in your energy. You are shining and every-one around you sees it and is commenting on how much you have changed for the better. 

You are being blown away by the golden opportunities that are coming your way. Finally removed from the deep blockages, you once had. You can't imagine what it would be like to stay in the loops, and old paradigm ways you were before.   

You give thanks to the star beings, teams, guides and are feeling even more connected to the councils and your higher self than ever, as you pack your bags to head off to a private retreat in Egypt, where you will do ceremonies, initiations and rites of passage made especially for you. You have been preparing and feel this is the calling of your soul, your life mission is rocking. 

You kiss your habibi/ beloved and know you will come back a different person, even more upgraded. 

You are blown away with every session and implement it into life with ease and grace, you can only imagine what is in store for you in the temples in Egypt. 

You know you are living your destiny, and are so grateful. 


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It's a powerful journey. 

Energy activations, online courses, 1:1 mentorship, private retreats. Only 1 spot left. 

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