Star Lineage Soul Embodiment 

Work online with Ashiana Love, and the star councils of light over 6 months. 

  • All 1:1 exclusive Star lineage clients get special ceremony, prayer and activation when she is at the temples and other power spots.
  • Direct access to downloads and the latest techniques and practices from guidance and the star beings, councils of light. 
  • Private online Sessions. 
  • 4 full days private in person retreat with ceremonies, rituals and activations designed uniquely for you in a power spot. 
  • Access to online courses, especially to your journey. 
  • Upgrade codes and first offers to courses and spaces for coaching.
  • 4 months group coaching container with Earth Angels Awakening Ascension.  
  • Initiations into the mystery schools. 
  • Access to the Star beings for full support, ancient memories and future creation, with the Atlantean, Lemurian and other high caliber guides. Especially here for your soul evolution, your unique codes and healing. 
  • Opportunities to upgrade with a partner, business colleague or family member. 




One on one Upgrade Sessions 

A series of personal upgrade sessions over 6 months. Working with your own unique mastery, star lineage and soul embodiment. 

Online Courses, mystery school & group Mentorship.

Earth Angels Awakening, Star Tantra, Hathor Creation course, Expansion Codes, Diamond Edge confidence & more. 

Private Retreat. 

4 full days one on one with Ashiana & the councils of light for ceremony, ritual, activation and upgrades in an exotic location. 

What you get: 

6 Months of Guidance with Ashiana and the Star Councils of Light. 

12 Private Sessions online. (Worth $5,400)  

4 days one on one private ceremony, ritual, activations in a power spot on the planet (Worth $8000). 

4 Month Group Ascension Mentorship in Earth Angels Awakening. (Worth $4444). 


Access to online courses; 

Lightwarriors from the Stars. Sword of Light (worth $888). 

Hathor Star Tantra (worth $2222). 

Love Warriors (worth $997). 

Expansion Codes (worth $333). 


Priority to time, and activations in the temples, and in service. (Priceless).  

Your own unique channeled practices.  


Worth over $22 K 


This package offering is now $12K USD. 


6 months 1:1  

With your unique signature scheduling to see what works for you. 

Sessions recorded. 

Accountability and check ins where access allows. 


You also get to journey alongside Ashiana in her time of Egypt, doing full power work at sacred sites and channeling these codes and epic courses. 

You get the direct energy upgrades. 


These may be the ONLY spots for this deep one on work offered this year.  


Sign up now and you get "Lightworkers of the stars.  It's your time to Shine" also.   

Book into your special one on one retreat time to see where in the year and where we can do this. 

Egypt is pulsing, other places are also potential. 

YOU can also upgrade for a partner, colleague or family member. 


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What is included: 

4 days full power activation, ceremonies, rituals with Ashiana Love and the star beings in special power spots. 

Fees for one on one work activations and space holding. 

Basic entrance to temples. 

Guidance and assistance in booking tours, travel, transportation, accomodation to the best knowledge and workability and budget for your trip around the activation days. 

Inspiration for other things to do around that time and place. Special spots to visit. 

Recommendations for anything that you may need in that time. 


What is not included: 




Food and beverages. 

Other healings, temple tours or shopping. 


What may or may not be included: 

Temple fees for special activations. 

Food and transport from your accommodation on the days we do activations. 


You are investing in your personal evolution and activation. 


Egypt is the current destination. 

Either alone or with a friend, or beloved.  

Options to expand the 4 days in different temples or places to give integration time between and spend more time together while here.  

These times and private activations are for 1:1 ceremony, activation and space holding in or after power activations.  





  • Isis temple, new and old & waters phillae. 
  • Luxor Karnak 
  • Valley of the Kings and Queens.  
  • Phoenix Benu and Temple of the Sun. 
  • Osirians. 
  • Sekmet  
  • Hathor Dendara 
  • Pyramids, Sphynx and Doshur  
  • Helepolis 
  • Maats special places. 


Options Upgrades

Can extend private tour time with Ashiana at $1500-$2000 per day (depending on personal expenses and place ie accommodation and travel). 

Can get more online sessions if needed at a discount rate. 

Written check-ins and a system to be accountable.



Do all the journey for yourself. 



Share some sessions. 

Come to Egypt or private retreat with a beloved. 

Either around our time together. 

Or upgrade $1500-$2000 per day to have a beloved or friend come and do activations and work together.   

Have them join for a few days in and around your time in Egypt.  



Come with a friend. 

We can organise a tour together, in and around our time together. We have days together while s/he does other things. 




Best weather in Egypt up till May June. 

Then again in September. 

Too hot June to August to visit the temples.  

Recommend a week to do a temple tour, with down time. 

Potential desert time in Siwa, Fayum whale desert, white and black desert Sinai or St Katherine at the end, or sea time in Hergada or other places. 


We are here to work together for your highest soul embodiment

With deep gratitude to all the tools and mastery over the years, and what comes through as each being signs up.

Giving thanks to the councils of light, the divine guardians, guides, starbeings and assistance that comes through unique for you.

It's Ashianas deepest privilege to work with you, and assist your journey over this time.  

Only 1 spot available, connect now. 

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