Unique for you 


Open to your highest soul purpose, remove any limitations. 

Open to your starcodes, divine blueprint and what you are here on Earth to do. It's your time. 

Work online with Ashiana Love (in Egypt), and the star councils of light in a 6 week - 3 month intensive coaching/ mentorship Acceleration package.  

There is only 1 spot available. Get in quick. 

 You came to Earth for a reason. 

Your purpose is different and unique to any-one else's on the planet. 

Your lifes journey, challenges, pain,  limitations, blocks and things that hold you back are also unique to you. 

The star councils want to work with you, through Ashiana Love to bring in your unique star codes, clear your blockages and open your most precious embodiment and bliss. 

YOU know what you are here for. 


Using lazer focus intention, cutting edge tools and practices this 6 week 1:1 intensive acceleration coaching/ mentorship package will unravel you to the core, and create powerful pathways forward for your future.  

The world needs YOU, in your fullest, funnest and most divine embodiment. 

In the 6  weeks - 3 months we: 

  • Work with your deepest intentions 
  • Clear blockages once and for all from the roots. 
  • Open to your magnificence. 
  • Re-encode on a cellular DNA level. 
  • Open to your mission, purpose and align to love, beauty, pleasure. 
  • Release patterns and contracts that no longer serve. 
  • Clear your ancestral lineage. 
  • Heal any past life memories that may have been affecting you. 
  • Awaken your divine knowing and unfolding on Earth. 
  • Create powerful practices, strategies and ways for you to move forward in your highest essence and beyond your wildest dreams. 
  • Use ceremonies (of light), initiations, tools and guidance from the starbeings. 
  • Sit in council with all beings for your highest level upgrades. 
  • Do the online courses at your own pace.


You get to be held in an energetic ceremonial container for 6 weeks as the starbeings work with you. 

2 1:1 zoom sessions per week. 12 in total. Plus 4 online courses and more bonuses if you sign up now. 

Be held in accountability to the practices and energy that is unique and aligned to you. 

Go through layers of healing, embodiment and support for your soul and life here now.  

Be aligned in your highest frequencies with these epic teams of light. 

Personal Sessions 

With Ashiana Love, the divine councils of light, and the starbeings. Work with your guides and councils that are unique to you over 6 weeks. 2 1:1 zoom sessions per week. Total 12 epic life changing sessions. 

Online Courses

💎 "Activate Your Superpowers" 

💎 "Soul Codes and Contracts" 

💎 "Expansion Codes" 

💎 "Diamond Edge Self worth"

💎 "Wings of Maat Virtual Tour" 



💫 You can get the "Earth Angels 4 month group Ascension Mentorship" for half price. 

💫 "Lightwarriors from the Stars. Sword of Light" & special creation group for recording. (If you pay in full up front). 

Look around the world. It needs YOU

6 weeks acceleration to be in your highest alignment. 

Starseed Coaching ~ Sign me up now

Ashiana Love 

Has been a teacher, guide, healer, embodiment facilitator, creator, designer, ceremonial leader for over 2 decades. In service to the planet and higher realms. 

She is a channel, psychic and intuitive. Has been seen many times as the healer of healers, teacher of teachers, and leaders of leaders. 

She has trained in many modalities, including psychology, Theta Healing, Advanced DNA, Intuitive Anatomy, Kundalini Dance, Ascension modalities and temple trainings and initiations from India, Bali, Egypt and beyond. 

She has heard your call to hold an accelerated container unique to your journey. 

When you sign up to the Starseed Coaching/ Mentorship package. You not only receive the vast wisdom, teachings, trainings and tools in Ashianas toolkit, you also work with the sirians, plieadians, lyrians, guides and ascended masters from many dimensions, isis, sekmet, hathor, osiris, horus, a plethora of other beings and any guides from your own unique essence. 

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  • Stepped into their power, passion and purpose.
  • Started teaching, shining and sharing. Being successful in their life missions.
  • Released life long wounds, pain and patterns that were holding them back. 
  • Went from being afraid, to being excited. 
  • Opened to crystal clear communication. 
  • Felt free after feeling constricted for lifetimes. 
  • Being able to navigate some BIG things, and had support with the planetary work that many do knowingly or unknowingly. 
  • Become happy after being miserable and suffering for long time. 
  • Had the courage to leave jobs, and people that are not of the highest frequency for their beings, opened to new opportunities. 
  • Moved countries and followed their divine calling, and happiness. 
  • Were held through their awakening process, with powerful tools. 
  • Went from being seen as mentally ill, unstable, anxiety, depression and other things,  to following their divine spirit and bliss. Embracing their natural psychic abilities. 
  • Became safe and secure. 
  • Released sexual trauma, shame, guilt and fear. Opening to bliss, pleasure and empowerment. 
  • Opened in their unique expression to create powerful life callings. 
  • Opened to beautiful loving relationships. Found their would mate, twin flame.   Improved the quality of already existing relationship dynamics, and homes, and jobs. 
  • Had babies after long times of wanting them, and not being able to. 
  • Found peace with lifes changes. 
  • Healed ancestral trauma, and had better relationships with family.  Letting go of unnecessary burdens and heaviness. 
  • Opened to receive what was already there for them. 
  • Found bought and sold amazing homes. 
  • Healed physical illnesses. 
  • Fully stepped into their power and happiness. 
  • Released expectations, boundary issues, restrictions in expressionor holding back in any way. 
  • Found their dream jobs, and life purposes. 
  • Started writing books, teaching, doing wild and wonderful things of their souls unique calling. 
  • Activated their unique star codes. 
  • Found practices that work for them. 


Many say that one session has been "life-changing". Imagine what 2 sessions per week for 6 weeks can do.  Add on a container with the star beings, and 4 amazing online courses, activations and practices unique to you. 

See what past clients have said here

Are you ready? 

With feirce love, compassion, wisdom, grace and a sprinkling of laughter in the right moments we can handle all, the deepest pain to the highest growth.  See what messages and activations the star beings have for you.  Where would you like to be in 6 weeks? 💎 

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With 1:1 personal retreat and initiations in sacred power spots, 

Earth Angels Ascension Mentorship 

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