Earth Angels Awakening

A 4 month Journey to activate the ascension mystery techniques.  

What you'll get:

8 one and a half hour zoom calls. Replay available if you can not be there at the time. 

  • Each 2 weeks new meditations and practices. 
  • Access to private FB group to share any questions and be held in a kick ass container in this time. 

Next course starts 12 January 2022. 

(or do it in your own time). 



Module 1. Opening the Container. Connection.  Activating your Superpowers. Calling in the guides and starbeings. 

Isis, Osiris, Horus.

Module 2. Releasing all that no longer serves. 

The Sphynx, Phoenix, Benu, the cats.  (The Akashic hall of records). 

Module 3. Holding your Power and Presence. 

Sobek, Komombo. 

Module 4. Rising into your full potential. 


Module 5. Passion, pleasure and prosperity. 


Module 6. Focussing the heart. 


Module 7. Shining your light, Integration and awakening in life. 

Connecting the Stargrid around the planet. 

Ra, all of them, and any others that come through.

Module 8. 

Integration and connection with the Starbeings and Destiny Keys for your future.  

Ascension Tools:  

  • Pillar of Light. 
  • The flames. 
  • The waterfall of light. 
  • Releasing ancestral energy. 
  • Releasing past life energy. 
  • Embodiment exercises. 
  • Lumurian lightwork. 
  • Calling in the guides and guardians. 
  • The golden disc. 
  • Facing shadows. 
  • Affirmations and Invocations. 
  • Vibration, Frequency and energy.
  • Soul fragments. 
  • Womb portal and womb meditation. 
  • Sacred geometry. 
  • Calling in Starbeings.
  • Daily practices. 
  • Creating a star grid around the planet. 

⭐️ You also get access to special one on one discount session from Ashiana if you wish to upgrade in this time. 

⭐️ There are a few spots available for a half price 3 month Coaching Journey for Earth Angels Awakening participants. 



If you purchase in full now. You also get the online courses. 

  • Activate Your Superpowers. (worth $88) 
  • Codes & Contracts (worth $222) 
  • Lightworkers from the Stars. Sword of Light (worth $888)

Access straight away when you sign up.  

You are here to change the world. It all starts inside. 

Let's do this. 


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Full body rushes as we align together all over the planet in this star grid of ascension and life. ✨ 


Sign up NOW. 

This course live from Egypt will create a powerful completion and get you ready for 2022.  


The world needs you in your strength, highest potential and all of the starseeds aligned in this time. 

YOU are ready! 




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