Star Lineage Soul Embodiment 1:1 Coaching 6 month personal Initiation.

Come on a journey with Ashiana and the Star beings, divine councils and guides. 

We start with where you are and where you want to go to. Working with your unique essence. 

Journey in 1:1 online sessions online, initiations, ceremonies and upgrades. (all sessions recorded and accessible to you). 

Personal practices channeled unique to you. 

Access to Ashianas whatsap, private messenger for your questions, or quick check ins. 

Special prayers and activations from power spots in ceremony and light work in Egypt and other power places. 

4 days of private retreat in a sacred power spot in Egypt or some-where in the world, with the star councils guides and Ashiana, resonant to your soul. 

4 month Earth Angel Group Mentorship Ascension Group. 

Online courses for you to do at your own pace. 

  • "Activate Your Superpowers"
  • "Soul Codes & Contracts" 
  • "Expansion Codes" 
  • "Self Worth~ Diamond Edge Confidence" 
  • "Love Warrior Rise" 
  • "Lightwarriors from the Stars. Sword of Light" 

We work with you where you are at and what your specific goals and intentions are. 

Special bonus if you pay upfront you get the "Hathor Star Tantra Course" 

[Note: This package is non refundable, buy may be transferable to a resonant soul, depending on where you are at, and how far in. Specifics to be discussed] 


In this time, you will be given the added blessing of journeying alongside Ashiana as she does special activations and retreats in power spots in Egypt and beyond. You will get priority to book sessions and receive the blessings along the way, with the highest guidance and councils of light. 

The Divine councils, starbeings will also be working with you in this container 1:1 and many for the 6 month duration. 

Much work is done in the dreamspace, and astral, telepathic connection. So as soon as you say YES you receive the benefits. 


There is only space for 1 more private Initiation client at this stage, so get in now. Reach out to Ashiana & the team if you have any questions or wish to tune in deeper before signing up.  But be quick, this spot will go. 





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