Lightworkers from the Stars. Sword of Light

Step up into your soul mission

What you'll get:

  • Light work techniques. 
  • New operating systems. 
  • Clearing planetary operating systems. 
  • Soul Contract, belief, spell and curse releasing. 
  • Activation to your empowerment. 
  • Deep system resets. 
  • Invocations. 
  • Daily practices. 
  • Mystery school techniques of creation by Ashiana Love and the Star Councils. 

[ 100% money back guarantee if you are not rocking your light in 60 days. ]


Shine your light. 

LIght work tools. 

Change-makers, Star beings, luminaries, leaders, Priestess, Shaman, Warrior, Monk, beings of light. 

Releasing Contracts, vows, contracts, oaths, agreements that have been holding you back. 

Healing the timelines. 

Opening to your unique star mission, purpose and empowerment. 



Get this course on its own

or with:

  • "Hathor Bliss Creation" 
  • "Lightwarriors of Sensual Bliss" 
  • "Starseed Coaching package" 


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More Information on Sword of LIght here 


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