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Opening to new codes and energy upgrades,

It's time for REAL quantum shifts for the ones that are here to bring the magic to Earth. 

YOU know who you are, It's your time to shine, fully and completely. 

To be in bliss and radiance as you share your gifts with the world. 

These next level practices and tools from the star-beings and councils of light are the way forward. 

There are subtle and potent energies that have held us back, it's time to shed these layers and open to the truth of who we are.  

Ashiana Love is privileged to assist in this time from Egypt, for those that are called in every cell of your being. Quantum upgrades are real. 

Every-one is needed in their fullest power and highest purpose on Earth now. Especially the starseeds, lightworkers, game-changers and creators. 

It's all about frequency and how we use energy. 


You can get in now for these special prices on courses, mentorships and packages.  

All courses are for payment plans, or one off payment (much better deal). 


"Hathor Star Tantra" creation course 

"Lightworkers of the Stars. It's Your Time to Shine" 

"Earth Angels Awakening 4 Month Group Ascension Mentorship."

"Star Lineage Soul Embodiment 6 Month 1:1 & Retreat"  

"Star Diamond 1:1 Upgrade" 



Lightworkers of Sensual Bliss

"Lightworkers of the Stars." & "Hathor Star Tantra" 


Earth Angel Hathor Bliss Combo 

Earth Angels Awakening 4 Month Group Mentorship" & "Hathor Star Tantra" creation course 


Some of these deals are for the first few people who sign up. 

So if it is coming up for you YOU are IN.   Sign up while you can. 

The next layer of offerings will come out after the first people sign up. 


For the first 3 people to sign up to Earth Angels Awakening Ascension Mentorship. Use code: EARLYRISING to get a 20% discount.  


There is ONLY space for 15 people in the Earth Angels Awakening group Mentorship

& 1 people in the Star LIneage Soul Embodiment 1;1 & Retreat" & "Star Diamond 1:1 Upgrade" 

So SIGN up now to SECURE your place. 


Payment Plan secures your place or contact Ashiana Love directly to make a deposit now. 

Immersions and 1:1 retreats are currently available in Egypt in special power spots and temples. 

These may be the only few 1:1 spots offered this year.  


CLICK HERE If you want to know more about any of these offers 





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