Is about reciprocity 

We are doing a tour to temples and sacred power spots, ongoing,  that is for the world, and seeding many things.  

There are many that have been GIVING for our planet. 

Opening in many ways to RECIEVE. 

We are creating new ways of being. 

Opening to receiving gifts on all levels. 

Sacred Activation 

Wings of Maat Prayers and Dances for our planet.   

We will meet and work with many energies along the way, the Shynx,  pyramids, Abu Garub, Isis in Aswan, Hathor in Dendara, Nuut,  Sekmet in theTemple of Karnak,Horus & Komombo on the Nile, Sakara step pyramid & Fayum Desert. 

Be divinely guided with prayers, activations & initiations in each spot. 

Galactic and interdimensional portals. Working with the starbeings and many others on the way. 



We will be working with the lineages of light to bring through powerful healing for personal beings and planetary activation. 

So stay tuned. Join the special group to find out more. 

New paradigms on so many levels. will be accessed through this journey. 

Dance of Maat ~ The Journey.  

She has been calling many to bring the balance, to the world. 

She holds many keys and understandings necessary for this time. 


To dance and pray in all of these power places with Maat and the other neters and sacred power spots.  

To hold and share the ceremonies with the world. 

To bring beauty and radiance back to creation. 

Thankyou for your Support 

This journey is super important for frequency and energy of the world. 

We have been called. Many are called but only few answer. 

Assist those that are following the calling. 



Physical and operations 


Needs on the path 

Expenses, support, systems 

Future Creations 

Seed funds for things to come 


Paypal Link

If you have a way of giving to the resources or needs contact now. 

Also if you wish to donate funds in any other way than paypal please reach out.  


 Thankyou for the grace 


Sacred Guide

ASHIANA LOVE has been on the path for many decades and lifetimes. Here to bring the light. She is a channel and guardian of the new Earth. Following the heart and spirit to be here in service. 

Ceremonies, rituals, transformation are her callings. Being here now in Egypt the last year working with the star beings and Councils of Light. 

She dances and works between the worlds, guiding the flame and torch of empowerment for humanity.  

Grateful for the high levels of guidance and assistance she is here with. The new ascension tools and diamond light codes that are coming through. 

With teachings and training from Ascension Mastery, Theta Healing, Kindalini Dance, Advanced DNA, Intuitive Anatomy, living in many cultures countries working with Indigenous people, temples in India, Bali, and other places. Priests, Priestesses, guides and the invincible masters. 

Holding the heart forever open to powerful ascension for our world. Walking in the wings of grace. 

RESOURCES NEEDED for the tour  


Content creation,  videography, photography, graphics, social media, editing, technology support.  Online manager and group co-ordinator, interfacing with the virtual group. Editing and assistance for on ground real-time creation and production. Pre and post-production, new iPhone, computer, recording equipment for Ashiana and team. Sound recording for ceremonies and vocals. Equipment, hard drives and back up.  Multimedia creation, web design, tech support, branding and rebirthing for Ashiana. Crew on deck on the tour. 

Management and assistance for all creations. 


On the tour in various places for the team and crew. From 5 star hotels at the pyramids, in Luxor and Aswan,  boats on the Nile to desert adventures under the stars and nubian villages. 


Buses, planes, trains, boats, camels and horses.  


Outfits and styling for the filming and adventures. Jewels & props for the tour. 

Seeding new lines of encoded clothing and manufacturing of products for the future. Seeding underwear line and foundations for Egypt and beyond.  Scales, feathers, fire equipment, clothes and cloths. Embodiment and architecture. 


Assistance on ground & online, tour operations, administration, bookings, luggage and crew care. Temple guardians, safe and sacred space protecting and holding space for participants in the journey. Management and time keeping, self care and nurturing sessions, massages and alignments. 


Access, special admission to the Sphynx and Isis temple, opening the gates. Organization for the most graceful journey and passageways 

FILMING in special spots 

Dendara, Hatshepsut, Isis temple, Aswan, Deserts, Fayum, Pyramids and sphynx, Camel adventures, Sakara... 


Nurturing, health, assistance with special needs, diet and other requirements, cook and or guide for best food sourcing on the journey. Massages, sessions, alignments, support, first aid and care for people in need. Taking care if people need it in special situations, time keeping and systems for graceful flow. Time out carers if people need assistance, energy workers, vibe creators, music and sound track masters. In tune musicians. Oudh players and such like... 


Journey recorder and updating the online group. Some-one to keep and take care of all the data and SM now and in the future. FUTURE CREATIONS & side lines.  Recording and production for the "Hathor Mystery School". Recording and production for "Lightworkers of the Stars". Templating for the path in 2022. Co-creating a new world. Underwear Line and other production foundation and outreach. Encoded jewelry and clothes and refinery. New technology and visionaries. Sponsorship for genius and alchemic gatherings and Earth Guardians to seed the future. 

💎 Creating funds and foundation for Earth and Light workers on the path that is not always seen or in the physical. 


For Ashiana and other team members to take care of life and do the BIG work. Clearing debts and other outstanding expenses for doing this work.  Seed funds for power projects sprouting from this. Funding for the team to do the work. Can be named for sponsorship and your energy company or work to be promoted or silent sponsorship as you feel. 

Anything more we may have forgotten to mention

Maha Suksma Mahalo Shokran Thankyou 

Sponsor and Support 

There are many ways to support from financial gifts, to resources and what is needed for the tour and beyond.  Ashiana and the team are doing powerful lightwork for the world and open to receiving for this. 

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